Who are we?


is a fashion boutique brand founded in 2016 by me,

Pepi Semerdjieva. But the story of my love for fashion and creative design begins way back in my high school years. I was truly fascinated by different fabrics, textures, patterns, colours and the numerous combinations of those that, in the end, form a masterpiece.


My passion later took me to university where I studied Textile Engineering and completed professional training in Fashion Design. I started gaining work experience straight after, in various settings and places. I was a ballet costume designer for 6 years, then worked in a big fashion company in Bulgaria for 2 years and later added to my skills and experience by working as a collection designer for popular European brands in the Czech Republic.

At the beginning of the decade, I created my first fashion brand, Organza Fashion, in my motherland. It took off really well, however, I soon realised that my dreams and ideas were too big for the size of my country. I needed to fly higher.


I set foot in London for the first time in February 2015. On the first day I landed, I knew this was the adventurous journey I was getting ready and waiting for.


No time to waste, I started looking for jobs in the fashion industry immediately. My first employment began in a sample studio, where I worked on designs for the collections of leading fashion designers like Mary Katrantzou, Roland Mouret, Osman and others. During this time my passion for clothes creation was deeply nurtured and it led me to the decision to take the path of creating my own fashion brand once again. This is how Hip Curve, the best part of my heart and soul, was born.


I rented a small studio, very far from where I lived at the time and travelled long distances every day to make my dream come true. But these tiring journeys actually inspired my first collection “Working Girls”. I created clothing that perfectly serves the needs of a confident city woman, combining practicality and elegance in a stunning outfit.


My path of an independent designer wasn’t always sleek and easy. In fact, I faced so many challenges in this highly competitive industry, I began to wonder if talent, enthusiasm and hard work would ever be enough to make it to the top. 

We were bold and innovative in the way we worked with fabrics, textures and patterns. We combined denim with silk, satin and taffeta, created several designs with pleated chiffon to evoke a feeling of tenderness, elegance and lightness.


It took us many sleepless nights and an incredible amount of work to bring our ideas to life. We bought a textile printer, which we had no idea how to use at first, but our vision helped us move forward and overcome all challenges.


Now our love child, Collection SS19, is finally a reality. The main features include floral patterns with bird motifs and original prints to create a feeling of freedom and connection with the self. We presented the designs on the prestigious fashion trade show “Pure London” where we got overwhelmingly positive feedback from visitors and even competitors.


Our designs have already found their first happy owners, enjoying elegant fabrics, feminine cuts and attractive details. We want more ladies to be able to experience the comfort and stylish beauty of our clothing. We can’t wait to create new and even more stunning designs but for this to become a reality, we need you to believe in us, our mission and talent first. We would love to receive your support and would be honoured if you offer us your trust by including our designs in your boutique selection. We can assure you, this decision will not leave you disappointed.


With love,


Pepi Semerdzhieva 

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