Who are we?


Hip Curve is a fashion boutique brand founded in 2018. It is also the passion project of the talented Bulgarian designer, Pepi Semerdzhieva, who wants to emphasise on the modern woman’s femininity, while revealing her undeniable power. Based in London, the brand focuses on elegance, creativity and impeccable quality with each collection.


The story of Pepi’s love for fashion and creative design began back in her high school years. She was truly fascinated by different fabrics, textures, patterns, colours and the numerous combinations that, in the end, form a masterpiece.


Her passion then took her to university, where she studied Textile Engineering and completed professional training in Fashion Design. Pepi was a ballet costume designer for 6 years, then worked in a big fashion company in Bulgaria for 2 years and expanded her skills by working as a collection designer for popular European brands in the Czech Republic.

Pepi’s first fashion brand, Organza Fashion, was a real success in Bulgaria. However, she soon realised her dreams and ideas were too big for the size of that country.


And so, her desire to conquer foreign fashion stages took her to London in 2015.

As Pepi would often say, her artistic journey in a new country was not easy. No popular name to lean on, no contacts in the industry, limited language and a totally different culture were just part of the hurdles she had to jump. Her first job was in a sample studio, where she worked on designs for the collections of leading fashion designers like Mary Katrantzou, Roland Mouret, Osman and others.


In the end, natural talent, years of immaculate experience and eager aspiration to create, proved to be the success formula for Pepi.


“This is how Hip Curve, the best part of my heart and soul was born.” - Pepi


Hip Curve is already a renowned business in the UK. In 2019 the brand won in the Entrepreneur of the Year category at the Bulgarian British Business Awards.


2020 has been a year of notable appearances for Hip Curve. The brand took part in one of the biggest fashion trade shows in the United Kingdom, Pure London. The designs caught the attention of many international buyers and boutique owners.


In September 2020a nd June 2021 , Hip Curve was featured in a London Fashion Week show.


The brand has launched  5 collections to date – “Working Girls”, “Freedom Wings”, “Galina Blanca”, “New Life 47” and "Summer Thrills". Currently, the team is working on a new collection, which will be presented at the Milano Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week.


The designer uses unorthodox combination of fabrics and materials to incorporate a fusion of creative ideas and represent the complicated, yet fascinating female personality across her creations. Lace, taffeta, wool fleece and tartan, accompanied by fine embroidery, perfectly describing the complexity of a woman’s nature.


“I am not afraid to be bold and innovative in the way I work with fabrics, textures and patterns. I combine denim with silk, I add embroidery to wool fleece. To me it represents the multi-facetted personality of the confident, modern woman.” – Pepi