5 Challenges the Busy London Girl Knows So Well

Ladies, it’s time to stop with the daily grind and start enjoying life in the busy city.

No time to shop

Time is a precious as it is, but in London, this statement is twice as valid. You have a quick coffee, then shoot out to work early in the morning, and after office hours all you get to do is commute back home, and manage dinner somehow.

Whatever happened to shopping? The very idea of having to elbow your way around Oxford street or the local mall over the weekend, and queue for half an hour for the dressing room gives you a headache and a slight nausea.

Online shopping is great, but how do you know it fits if you haven’t tried it on?

Our solution: We want you to look and feel great all day, every day. This is why we offer a free of charge made-to-measure service for all our clothing items. Simply send us your measurements through the contact form after you order and your new dress will fit you like a glove. Guaranteed.

There isn’t a woman on this earth who is not familiar with the pain in the cushions of her feet after a long day running around the city in heels. You’ve tried silicon inserts, salt baths, meditation. Let’s face it - wearing heels can be painful. You don’t want to give up on them though, as they look oh-so-good! Is there a solution?

In order to decrease pain from wearing heels, make sure you choose shoes that are the right fit, examine the slope of the heel and look for shoes with gradual slope, as it will lessen the sliding of your foot down, is better for your arch and thus relieves some of the pain in the balls of your feet. Try wider heels, and alternate heel heights.

Take the time to shop for comfortable, high-quality heeled shoes. Go for quality over price, as badly made shoes can deform your foot in the long term.

Our solution:

Our line of shoes are especially crafted for the busy urban woman. Made of expensive high quality materials, we offer a variety of heel width and heights, most modes are under 4 inch, which still gives you an elegant look and elongated silhouette, but significantly decreases the pain of wearing them for a long time. Browse our shoes collection here.

We want to be stylish but somehow style does not equal comfort

The age-old dilemma - do I look stylish or do I feel comfortable? There are so many beautifully-looking clothes and shoes that are difficult to last a long time in, due to them being too tight at the wrong places, cause troubles when we sit, or fabrics that irritate our skin, get crumpled easily or show perspiration.

Ladies, style and comfort do not have to be mutually exclusive! Yes, sometimes it takes more time to find the right piece, but you all have that outfit that both fits you perfectly and is comfortable to wear for a long-time. How do we get ourselves more of those?

Our solution: All our outfits are created with the working urban woman in mind. Fabrics used are expensive and high-quality, cuts are specially designed to be comfortable and to exude style at the same time. We want women to feel empowered and comfortable, that is why we offer a free made-to-measure service. Every piece you buy will fit your perfectly. Guaranteed.

We want to be prepared for an unexpected invitation for drinks after work

Amidst all the work, fast pace and routine, it is an integral human need to have variety, and well, fun! Unexpected fun! Sometimes there’s nothing more needed than going for a drink after work for an informal chat with your colleagues, catching up with your girlfriends, generally unwinding, and even (why not) meeting somebody special?

When you go to the pub after work, you want to still look great, and more easy-going. You wouldn’t want to intimidate people with your strict pantsuit hardcore corporate look. Wouldn’t it be amazing if all business clothes allowed for flexibility in how you style them so you can be wearing the same outfit, but make it suitable both for the office and for going out for a drink after work?

Our solution: Our models are balanced, minimalistic and versatile. That means, you can wear the same skirt, trousers or a skirt during the day in the office, then style it slightly differently with a different pair of shoes, a scarf, or another accessory to create a perfect evening look!


There are other challenges that the busy London woman has to deal with, but we believe fully you are rocking your life regardless. In conclusion, we’d say: don’t follow trends, create your own style and own it. Love your body and dress it beautifully for maximum daily confidence, find the intersection point between style and comfort, but most importantly - find time to have fun and be spontaneous. Life is too short not to!

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