A cooling effect mineral facial mask. After treating your skin with the Warming Mineral Mask by FINESSE, the cooling effect in this mask will close the recently opened pores, for a complete facial treatment experience. Since the pores were recently opened, the skin will optimally absorb all the active components in this mask, for an exceedingly deep nourishment of the skin.

This mineral cooling mask by FINESSE consists of high - quality components, including: mint extract, propolis, Aloe- Vera, chamomile extract, cucumber extract, avocado oil, Dead Sea salt, vitamin E and more.

Once your skin has undergone a flawless cleansing and purifying experience with the warming mask, and an immaculate nourishing and hydrating experience with the cooling mask, the cooling effect will commence, which will shut the pores back close, so that all the nourishing compounds will remain in your skin and continue their action.


The cooling effect will also lead to a relaxing, chilling and refreshing sensation, for an ideal ending to your treatment.

Dead Sea Cooling Mineral Mask

SKU: 7290016673845


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