For us it is important that you will enjoy the clothes, the shoes, the bags and the jewellery not only in the photos on our website but also when they arrive to you. However we are aware that mistakes are possible while shopping online. If for some reason you want to return a purchased item, here's what you should do:



Return the item to this address: 23 Pond Farm Estate, London, E5 0AA, within 30 days of the delivery date.  Provided that the announced period for returning of the goods had expired, we are not responsible for any replacement or repair, and we can not refund you.



To receive back your purchased item it must be in excellent condition – there should be no signs of wear, stains or other types of damage inflicted upon opening the package. It is mandatory to return it in its original packaging/ box, and also with its label attached.



Email us about the reason you want to return the item. We shall contact you and shall let you know about the options - replacement, repair, refund.



How to cancel your order



If for any reason you may wish to cancel your order, you should do it no later than the same day when you receive the second email with your order confirmation and information about the shipment. You should send us an email about the cancellation.