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The General Conditions apply whenever you visit our website and/or place your orders. We kindly ask you to read them carefully. You need to agree with them before doing your online shopping from www.hipcurve.co.uk.




Any order should be accepted and confirmed by us.



Once you place your order you will receive an email from us that your order is being processed. Then you will receive another email confirming your order and specifying the time of delivery. Please read both emails carefully and contact us immediately if you spot a mistake. If you did not report any problem, we should consider that you agree with your order and delivery deadlines and these emails would be to certify our agreement.



You can order certain goods with a promotional code. It entitles you to discounts, to free shipping or to a gift depending on the conditions of the specific offer promotion, which will be announced on the site. The promotional code may not be transferable. It shall be used by the person to whom it is issued only in accordance with the predetermined rules and conditions.



It is mandatory that you should confirm it is you who are entitled to use the promotional code, that you meet the conditions to  participate for this this promotion, and that you agree with the conditions listed below.



Provided that during processing of your order it turns out that you do not qualify or you may not be entitled to use a promotional code, you will receive your item without the announced discounts or reductions.



In case that we find the infringement after sending the order to you we may withdraw the additional amount from the card you have done the shopping.



If you want to cancel or to return an order, please see the section Returning Policy.



You are personally responsible for all purchases made by you.



Processing of your orders and payment



The team of Hip Curve tries to maintain the information about the goods, the prices and the inventories up to date. However errors may occur related to product descriptions, their availability, or their price. In case we spot any, we shall inform you in due course to confirm or to cancel your order. If we can not contact you, we shall cancel your order.



All the prices on this website include VAT. Before you confirm your order you can be informed about the delivery charges. Check the delivery conditions to your location in the section Delivery.




Deliveries are made throughout the territory of UK



We do our best to deliver your item within the appointed period. However we can not guarantee a delivery on a specified day and time or to commit to delivery beyond that period. Our website http://paravanlondon.gombashop.com is not responsible for costs incurred by you in case of failed or delayed delivery.



When you receive your item, you probably will be asked to sign a confirmation of the delivery and that the shipment has been accepted by you.



Purchased goods can be returned within 30 on the receipt of the delivery. For more information, visit the section Returning Policy.



In case the goods are damaged, please contact us for further instructions. Usually we take care of the repair of damaged goods.



The team of Hip Curve has the right to suspend a delivery at any time, including after sending it if we have the suspicion that the transaction may be fraudulent.



Privacy Policy

Your personal data will be used only to process your order. For more information on our privacy policy, visit the section Privacy Policy.



General terms  and conditions

All the terms and conditions are in accordance with the English law. Orders from overseas are not accepted.



All the goods bought from Hip Curve should be for personal use only.



We are not liable for any direct or indirect damages, losses, claims by third parties or for non-fulfillment or breach of our obligations under the Terms and Conditions for using this website, including any damage that may be foreseen on the date of placing the order.



None of these Terms and Conditions shall restrict and/or exclude our liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence.



Our responsibility to any claims, losses or damages shall be limited to the amount you paid for your goods.



A person who is not party to these Terms and Conditions shall not be entitled to enforce them according



In case any provision is deemed invalid or unenforceable by a court, its invalidity/unenforceability shall not affect the remaining terms and conditions.



We may transfer or assign any of our rights and obligations according to these Terms and Conditions to a third party.


You may not transfer your rights and obligations according to these Terms and Conditions to any third party, unless you get a permission in writing by us.



We may change our Terms and Conditions, and we are obliged to post them on our website http://hipcurve.co.uk


On our site are published links to our partners, as well as links to some websites that we think would be interesting and useful to you. However we are not responsible for their content.



These Terms govern the whole commercial relationship between you and http://hipcurve.co.uk and remain in force until they maintain.



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We may terminate your account or suspend the business with you, giving you a seven (7) days notice. Closing your account does not exempt you from payment of all amounts you owe us.



These Terms and Conditions supersede all previous Terms and conditions.






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You are entitled to access to our website, to browse through our products and offers, to order goods or services or to receive information from us.



You have the right to pass a link to our website, provided it is not related to anything that is misleading, false, derogatory, offensive or otherwise detrimental to our interests.



The emails received by us to process your order and your order confirmation shall be considered a contract that you accept and are bound to follow.